« The folding bed » by Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi

A1. Real J - Sweet anxiety
A2. Real J & Kerstone - Memory screen
A3. Real J - Cool Lester Smooth

B1. Real J & Glenn Astro - Transmission 7
B2. Real J - Bucks as from 5 bucks
B3. Real J - Greetings from Bordeaux

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Real J’s « Memory Screen » LP is approached with a distinctively different execution of style resulting from a bunch of distorted sonic memories deriving from early childhood until present. Expect a collection of atmospheric heavy-weight slams with sprinkles of sunshine and experience transitions between heavy drums and haunting industrial feels.

“Sweet Anxiety (A1) is driven by an 808-style kick-drum and distorted clap. The groove is courtesy of intricate, skippy hi-hat patterns, which constantly develop and grow throughout, while a growling bassline and a spaced-out synth line arrive to provide further depth. The variation means upon every listen there will be new details that emerge.

Transmission 7 (B1) starts steady, with a filtered pad and keys that slowly build throughout. More intricate and seemingly randomized hi-hats keep this one ticking along. Another distorted kick-drum fills out the bottom of the track. Layers of percussive elements provide incredible melody lines in the back-half of the track. This is not a typical Glenn Astro track, nor is it a typical Real J one, for that matter.” - BoltingBits